Wonderful property for sale Costa Rica - 27ha and three small wood houses

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Wonderful 27 ha farm property, with more than 8 ha of mature forest and 12 ha of ecological and commercial reforestation.

290,000 USD


The property has three wood houses of local style and several construction areas with outstanding views to the Turrialba volcano, the Reventazon valley and the Carribean coast.

Several gardens and orchards have been created around the the houses and construction sites.

Lots of trails have been created ; they allow you to walk easily through the different areas of the property.


Located close to the future dam of the Reventazon Hydroelectric Project. Potential high capital gains.

Contact : claudegaland@yahoo.fr




Lots of fruit trees :

- already producing : banana, lemon, papaya, passion fruit, carambola, guava, manzana de agua

- coming soon : orange, mandarine, grapefruit, avocado pear, mango, soursop, cacao, lychee and many other tropical fruits.

Lots of birds (toucans, parrots, macaws,...), monkeys, sloths, frogs,...

Really perfect for nature lovers.




Several water springs.

Connection to electrical network.

Very good coverage for cell phone.


Close to the future dam on the Reventazon river. High capital gains to be expected within a few years.

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