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In February 2010, a reforestation project has been launched on about 10 ha of meadows previously used for cattle.

Upper parts of the "finca Akunamatata" property have been left as meadows in order to preserve the exceptional views to the Turrialba volcano, the Reventazon river and the Carribean coast. Hence around 3 ha have been left to the care of two horses.

The reforestation project has a double purpose :

1 - Economical

Three commercial species have been choosen : chancho blanco (Vochysia guatemalensis), pilon (Hyeronyma alchorneonides) and roble coral (Terminalia amazonia).

These species were splitted into different zones, in order to avoid too large areas with the same species ; this is important to prevent dissemination of possible diseases and make the treatment easier.

2 - Ecological

In order to increase the biodiversity, more than hundred different species have been introduced within the commercial reforestation areas. They represent around 6% of the total quantity of trees. These species were choosen for the quality of their fruits and flowers  and their capacity to attract animals, namely birds and monkeys.


Most of these trees are now more than 5m heigh ; some species, like the gallinazo, already reach more than 10m.


In 2011, a second phase of reforestation was launched on around 2 ha. The priority was given to endangered or highly valuable species like the manu negro (Minquartia  guianensis, the best weather and insect resistant wood, the manu platano (Vitex cooperi), the caoba (Swietenia macrophyla and Swietenia mahogany), the cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa) and the ron ron (Astronium graveolens).


Video on the reforestation project




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