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The property is located in the hills between Siquirres and Turrialba at an altitude of 600 m that provides a cooler climate than the coastal area.

It is easily accessible, 1.5 km from the main road.

In this preserved rural area, farmers still use to ride their horses.


This area is famous for being one of the most interesting in Costa Rica for amphibians.

Brian Kubicki, an american citizen who has been living for 15 years in Costa Rica has become a specialist in this field and created, a few kilometers from the property, the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center, at Guyacan. (




Rafting enthousiasts will appreciate the proximity of the Pacuare river, one of the best rated spots in Costa Rica for rafting.

In Siquirres, the nearest town, a 15 min drive from the property, you will find several supermarkets, a weekly traditional market, and all shops and basic services you could need.

Siquirres is the gate to the Carribean coast ; a very good road leads to Limon, an important commercial harbor. There you will be close from Cahuita national park (, with the best coral reef in Costa Rica and wonderful white sand beaches.

Siquirres is also close to the Tortuguero National Park ( and Barbilla National Park (,, one of the very few areas where the five Costa Rican wild cats are living.

Close to Siquirres, the EARTH University (, and its tropical agricultural and natural resources research center

Turrialba, a 45 minutes drive from the property, is an interesting destination alternate trip for shopping with a bio products traditional market, CATIE (research center in agriculture and botanical garden and some relaxing places like Casa Turire.

About ten kilometers before Turrialba, Finca Monte Claro, a family-owned splendid 350 ha agricultural and ecological farm along the Reventazon river, offers lots of touristic and ecological activities : production of organic coffee, bird watching, animal watching night walks , horse back tours, canyoning and rafting, moutain-bike, ecological volunteering, ecologial investments, cheap housing at the edge of the forest or comfortable rooms at the guesthouse. On top of it, the nicest waterfall in the area!                               Don't miss it!


The capital San José and the international airport are a 2 hour drive from the property. Excellent bus connections are available from the nearby city of Siquirres.




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