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Living in Costa Rica. Why ?

Costa Rica is famous as a holiday destination for biodiversity and nature lovers. This is totally deserved.

North and South America were recently connected through tectonic activity that created Central America, hence permitting the encounter of species from the north and from the south. Located between two oceans and offering a large range of climate areas, from sea level to the highlands (3.820 m) of Chirripo Mount, Costa Rica offers the conditions for an unmatched biodiversity.

For nature lovers, this country is not only a holiday destination but can convert into a real home country. Lots of people settled here to study flora and fauna or simply to enjoy an exceptional nature and biodiversity

Costa Rica is a host country. Lots of races are mixed and everybody can find its place. Foreigners are treated in the same way as local citizens.

It is a stable and democratic country, which is not so common in Latin America.

Last but not least, the tax system is as mild as the climate.

Costa Rica Tax system

This is the reason why lots of European and American retirees settle in Costa Rica. Lots of young people find also here a new motivation for creating a business, like this young French baker who drastically changed the gastronomic references in our small village.

To summarize, Costa Rica is the "Pura Vida" country. This very common expression means "Life is beautiful")

How are you ?

Pura vida!

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